What Burgers Have to Do With Finding Lasting Fulfillment in Your Business (and Life).

Are you feeling fulfilled and satisfied with how your life is right now?

If you’re like most of the coaches and business owners I work with, you have an idea of what success would look like for your life and your business and it’s something you’ve yet to achieve.

The gap between where you are and where you want to be can feel frustrating. You believe that you’ll be happy when you achieve your goals and at times it can feel so far out of reach.

This is something I know too well, from both my client’s and my own experience.

So I’m excited to share this idea with you.

It comes from a little book called  Psychology of Success: A Practical Guide by Alison and David Price. It’s packed with such great ideas and it’s a quick and easy read.

In it the authors share the key to finding lasting fulfillment and it’s about, wait for it ……….burgers! (I’m sure you didn’t see that coming!).

What Kind Of Burger Are You?

Alison and David Price explain that there’re four kinds of burgers which serve as an analogy for the way in which people live their lives.

  1. The ‘outside a nightclub’ burger which usually tastes awful (current reality) and is unhealthy (future). These are people who are miserable now and aren’t working towards anything positive in the future.
  2. The ‘health farm’ burger which tastes awful (current) but is good for you (future). These are people who are miserable but but it will be worth it because they’re working hard now to create success in the future.
  3. The ‘fast food’ burger which tastes good (current) but is unhealthy (future). These are people who live for the moment and don’t mind that they’re not working to create a positive foundation for the future.
  4. And finally the ‘homemade” burger (organic beef, with salad and gluten free role) which tastes good (current) and is good for you (future). These are people who enjoy their lives now and through what they are doing are building an exciting future.

Not surprisingly, true success and fulfillment is about enjoying the journey towards accomplishing your meaningful goals, in other words, being a homemade burger.

While you may think that you’ll feel happy and satisfied when you accomplish your goal, it turns out that people who’ve been incredibly successful describe feeling elated for a short period of time but then shift their focus to the next challenge (we quickly adapt to new levels of material success).

Alison and David caution that too many people trade their emotional (and I’ll add relational and physical) wellbeing in the present for the opportunity to achieve so-called success. They never allow themselves to enjoy themselves where they are.

Exercise to Help You Be More Homemade!

So think about the business goal you’ve set for yourself, the one that would make you happy if you’d achieve it. Ask yourself how much you think you could enjoy working towards that goal on a scale of 1 – 10(1 being not at all and 10 being absolutely).

Your aim is to be confident that you have set yourself the right goal, something that you’ll enjoy working towards as well as achieving.

(Note: this idea fits with some research on procrastination, which shows that we procrastinate more on tasks that we don’t enjoy than ones that we do).


Let me know in the comments about the goal you’re working towards in your business and whether you enjoy working on it.

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