Do You Struggle to Perform Under Pressure?

2017-05-19T10:11:14+00:00 December 22nd, 2016|Blog|

(While this is a post about blogging, the principles could be applied to any activity related to your business) Have you noticed how some people manage to do their best work when they perform under pressure? They nail the job interview, ace the presentation and are always able to think on their feet. Are you [...]

Overcome the Fear which Holds You Back [Tool]

2017-07-31T15:35:19+00:00 October 27th, 2016|Blog|

Most of us are afraid of emotional pain. Or if you’re like me, are terrified of it. But this creates a problem if you want to live a life where you can actualize your potential and do the things you dream about. Here’s a great tool to help you build your confidence in your ability [...]

Are You Stuck in the Confidence Gap?

2017-10-06T11:33:01+00:00 October 25th, 2016|Blog|

“Many people are completely lost in something I call ‘the confidence gap.’ It’s that place we get stuck when fear gets in the way of our dreams and ambitions. You know you’re stuck in the confidence gap if you believe something like this: I can’t achieve my goals, perform at my peak, do the things [...]