Build Confidence to Thrive in Your Business and Life.

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I'm so glad to have you here and share with you the ideas and strategies that have completely transformed my life! In this video I give you some brief background about the purpose of the membership as well as give you your first exercise to get you started. Please contact me with any questions, comments [...]

Using Hope to Move You Forward

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In this video I share with you a strategy to use the character strength Hope to help you move forward in achieving your goals. The hopeful share core beliefs that set them apart from others. Two of them are: •The future will be better than the present. •I have the power to make it so. Enjoy! [...]

Income Goals [Coaching video]

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Today we're looking at setting and reviewing income goal's for your business.  So often people in small businesses neglect this crucial aspect and so end up with a business that isn't profitable and not sustainable. Spend some time today getting clear on your personal and business expenses in order to decide on a target. Throughout [...]