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I help coaches, consultants and self-employed professionals who want to attract new clients to earn a consistent income but have been held back by overwhelm, self-doubt and difficulties with time management.

They’ve struggled to market themselves by publishing content regularly, networking, or giving talks because they’re stuck without a clear strategy for their business. I teach them to manage their emotions and time so they can be more productive, start marketing consistently with ease and attract the clients they need to achieve their business goals.


My Coaching Packages 

I offer coaching and consulting by Skype or in person.

Get Unstuck Strategy Session: Create Your Client Attraction Plan for a Thriving Business

You have big dreams for your business. You want to build a thriving business with a steady stream of ideal clients and a consistent monthly income.

You love the idea of making a significant and positive impact with your work which allows you to live a healthy, happy life where you thrive both financially and energetically.

You imagine being highly productive and creative with attracting clients, writing and creating content.

But there’s a problem.

You’re struggling to attract the steady stream of clients you need to make this happen.

While you’ve been able to get some great clients who you love working with, you’re lacking consistency. You have some great months and then you have some awful months.

And you find the lack of constant income stream incredibly stressful.

You’ve noticed a pattern with the way you engage with your business. Sometimes you feel confident and are able to easily do the things you need to do to attract clients and create content. But other times you feel overwhelmed and doubt yourself and the value of what you offer. Everything feels like a struggle and you tend to avoid taking action.

You know that if you could find a way to manage your feelings and time more effectively, you’d be able to do what you need to do to attract clients and create content with more ease and get different results in your business.

When you feel good everything feels easy and possible.

You’re so excited about the possibility of spending your days doing fulfilling work which gives you the financial freedom and security for the other things you value. You’ll have the freedom to create and do work that matters with the confidence that what you do is valued and makes a difference.

You’ll feel confident, creatively inspired, and financially at ease.

You’re ready to get out of your own way and find new ways of managing the feelings such as self-doubt and overwhelm which prevent you from taking consistent action to attract a steady stream of clients and grow your business.  

I’m here to help you do just that!

I help coaches and consultants who want to build a thriving business but have been held back by overwhelm, self-doubt and difficulties with time management. I’ll teach you to manage your feelings and time so you can create strategies to start marketing and attracting clients with more confidence and ease.

In this Get Unstuck Strategy Session you’ll get:

  • A clear strategic plan of action to attract clients so you can grow a thriving business.
  • Tools and strategies to help you manage the emotions which hold you back so you can take action with more ease.
  • A process to help you plan and assess your day more effectively so you can manage your time more effectively and make progress on your priorities.
  • Feel more confident on a more consistent basis so you can attract a steady stream of clients and grow your business.

The Get Unstuck Strategy Session includes:

Business and strengths questionnaire:

Before we meet you’ll answer a few simple questions about your business to help identify your biggest struggles with attracting clients which will help you get clarity about where you’re getting stuck. You’ll also complete a short survey of your strengths which will help you in overcome the self-doubt which holds you back so you can achieve your business goals with more ease.  

Get Unstuck Strategy Session:

During this 90-minute call, I’ll help you develop a clear strategic plan of action to attract your ideal clients and move forward with your business. You’ll learn the strategies and tools which will help you manage your emotions and time more effectively so you can feel more confident and take action more consistently.

Get Unstuck Strategy and Tools

After the session, you’ll get a Daily Planning and Review Process to help you make the best use of your time, and assess your progress and track the effectiveness of your actions and strategies.  You’ll also get a one page Pdf with the strategic plan and tools discussed in the session for easy reference.

Move Forward With Confidence 30 Minute Session

Two weeks after our Get Unstuck Strategy Session we’ll have a 30 minute check-in to see how things are going. We’ll review the notes from your Daily Planning and Review Template to see if there are any changes that need to be made.  This way you’ll leave feeling more confident and ready to follow through with your plan.

Once you’ve completed the Get Unstuck Strategy Session you’ll have your clear strategic plan of action and tools to help you decrease overwhelm and build confidence so you can attract clients and earn a consistent income with more ease.

Are you ready to take the next step to attracting more clients and building your thriving business? Great!

Here’s how to get started:

Investment: $99

Step 1: Click Here to Pay for the Get Unstuck Strategy Session.

Step 2: Complete your pre-session questionnaire and survey. Once your purchase has been confirmed, you’ll receive an email with the details for the assessments you need to complete.  

Step 3: Schedule Your Get Unstuck Strategy Session. After you complete the questionnaire and survey, you’ll receive an email with my calendar link so you can pick the best date and times available for your coaching call.

Step 4: Send me your completed questionnaires.

Step 5: Show up for the call!

Still have questions? I can be reached via email



What is coaching?

According to the International Coach Federation (coaching’s largest accrediting body), coaching is “an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses, or organizations.” Coaching involves a series of professional consultations that help you to achieve your goals. Unlike therapy, coaching does not require or presuppose a personal “problem” or dysfunction that needs to be addressed.

Who might benefit from coaching?

Coaching is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Achieve a “next level” business goal
  • Improve your focus and motivation
  • Examine and adjust priorities (a.k.a. “work-life balance”)
  • Improve interpersonal or communication skills

Why coaching?

All people, no matter how capable and talented, can benefit from coaching. We all have blind spots. We all make relatively poor decisions when under stress. We all have limited focus and energy. Even the world’s greatest athletes have coaches. A coach is an objective, thoughtful, attentive advisor who can help you see the big picture.

How does coaching work?

Coaching involves regular (weekly or bimonthly) Skype interactions with your coach, during which time your coach:

  • Helps you clarify and articulate your values and goals
  • Helps you strategize and plan
  • Helps you develop self-awareness around beliefs and thinking habits which are holding you back
  • Helps you to develop habits which support success
  • Provides support and an objective sounding board
  • Holds you responsible and accountable